Saturday, March 6, 2010

DEBUT SINGLE | Coming Soon!!

Debut single, "Obsession" is coming out soon, subscribe to the YouTube channel to be the first to hear it!

Produced by KayLo, Obsession is the first track that was completely owned by SweetBoys. The song was made from scratch in late December 2009, and was finished early this month. Obsession, about a woman that has a craze about you, and with time you start to feel the same way. The concept of the song is drawing away from what is stereotypically used by many artists. This mixture of up-tempo R&B and rap, will have you nodding your head, and singing along by the end of the song. Be on the lookout for Obsession and many other SweetBoys tracks to come this year.

Tracks can be found on YouTube, SoundCloud and Bebo.

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